AM-6246R -Automaster Two Post Car Hoist

The Automaster AM-6246R can be installed with the columns positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically.

When the columns are installed in the asymmetrical configuration, there may be some benefit to open car doors wider. When the columns are installed in the symmetric configuration there is more drive through width between the columns.

The column design incorporates special Double S bends to increase column strength.

This lift can be installed in narrow or wide configuration and with the motor high up on the front of the column, it is completely out of the way & can be installed very close to walls.

There is also a high and a low setting for the top cross bar depending on available roof height.    

Minimum of 100mm of concreate for installation 

Featuring three stage telescoping front arms,2 stage rears arms, double screw up feet with 80mm 4x4 height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage , rubber column guards, remote control, tool trays this lift truly represents the very best value for money .

Supplied in a range of colour options

  • Dark Blue with Blue arms & Yellow tool trays
  • Dark Grey with light Grey arms
  • Light Blue with Grey arms
  • Concrete minimum thickness 100mm

Operation is a simple single button to go up and lock button to rest the lift onto the locks.

Supplied with a remote control to lift and lower onto locks helps when trying to position the arms under the vehicle  

Using only the very best quality components like balance cables, oil pumps, cylinders & electric motors (plus all other components) this lift will provide reliable, durable performance even in the most demanding environments.  

Automaster lifts deliver years of dependability because they are built using only the highest quality component parts.
Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell


  • 3 stage front 2 stage rear arms.
  • Full length hydraulic cylinders with American seals.
  • Top quality high speed motor & pump unit
  • Remote control for up and lock
  • Suitable for 4 x 4’s, vans , low cars, American cars, utes etc..
  • Asymmetric arm configuration and extra wide design for easy door opening
  • Dual cylinder lifting system with balance cables
  • Lowering time 30-40 sec
  • Tool Trays attached to each arm
  • Full 3 year warranty
  • Safety shut down bar across top of hoist
  • Ultra low arm design
  • Rubber door protection pads
  • Low service costs
  • High motor position
  • A single control lever unlocks and lowers the lift,
  • Free 80mm long 4 x 4 adapters.
  • Optional High version 4162mm
  • European CE Safety Certified
Capacity 4500kg
Lift height 1794-1950
Min. height 85mm
Warranty 3 Year
Weight 730
Power supply

230V or 380V/3ph

Concreate minimum thickness 





AM-6246R  Warranty conditions from 01-06-2022

  • Warranty covers manufacturing defects & faulty components
  • Steel structure components including Columns, Carriage, Lifting Arms, Cross Beam etc warranty for FIVE YEARS.
  • Hydraulic parts including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc warranty for THREE YEARS.
  • Other parts electrical components, power unit (not including normal wear & tear/consumable parts such as rubber pad), warranty for THREE YEARS.  

We send out all lifts via a freight company and are delivered on a standard curtain-sider truck.

You need a forklift, or access to one to unload the truck.

We can arrange a Hiab delivery in most locations if required for an extra charge. Please ask if needed

Normal delivery times :
Auckland: 1-2 days
Rest of North Island: 2-3 Days
South Island: 4-5 days (ex Auckland) 1-2 days (Ex Chch)



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