AM-6255R- 5.5T -Automaster Two Post Car Hoist

The AM-6255R has a massive lifting capacity of 5500Kg making this vehicle lift ideal for the larger vans and commercial vehicle

The Automaster AM-6255R column design incorporates special Double S bends to increase column strength.

The motor is high up on the front of the column, it is completely out of the way & can be installed very close to walls.

There is also three hight  setting for the top cross bar depending on available roof height.   Post Height Settings 5200mm 5320mm 5420mm 

Featuring three stage telescoping front arms,with arm extenstions, double screw up feet with 80mm & 155mm height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage & rubber column guards this lift truly represents great value for money .

Operation is a simple single button to go up, lock button to rest the lift onto the locks & and a down button to unlock and lower the lift. 

Using only the very best quality components like balance cables, oil pumps, cylinders & electric motors (plus all other components) this lift will provide reliable, durable performance even in the most demanding environments.  


•    Massive lifting capacity of 5500Kg
•    Three options for total height 5200mm 5320mm 5420mm 
•    4 x three stage telescoping arms with arm extensions
•    With arm extensions fitted maximum arm length1950mm
•    Double screw up feet with 80mm & 180mm foot height extensions.
•    Single point electrical safety lock release system
•    Column design incorporates special Double S bends to increase column strength.
•    High motor position & top quality motor & pump unit
•    Dual cylinder lifting system with balance cables
•    Safety shutoff bar across top of hoist
•    Rubber door protection pads

  • European CE Safety Certified
Capacity 5500kg
Max Lift height (without extenstions) 1950mm
Min. height 106mm
Overall height 5200mm 5320mm 5420mm 
Drive through width 2612
Warranty 2 Year
Weight 1020kg
Power supply


Concreate minimum thickness 






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