SL-2950H & SL-2950H-R POWERREX KOREA 4500kg

Powerrex Korea - 100% Made in Korea

The SL-2950HM 4500kg Powerrex Korea lift is 100% Made in Korea.

SL-2950HM- R has High top, low arm and ratchet feet

This is the automatically activating electrical locking lift with a four button control box featuring Up, Lock , Lower & Direct Down buttons plus remote control. 

There is also a high 3850mm and a low 3600mm setting for the top cross bar depending on available roof height in your workshop.    

The SL-2950HM featuring three stage telescoping front arms,2 stage rears arms, double screw up feet with 80mm 4x4 height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage.

The SL-2950HM-R has 2 stage front and rear arms with 6 stage ratchet up height adjustable & screw up lifting feet.  

Can be special ordered in custom colours 

Operation is a simple single button to go up and lock button to rest the lift onto the locks. Lower button raises the lift off the locks and lowers the lift. It also has a direct down if you do not want the lift to go up first.

Optional 1 meter extra height kit available to add 1 extra meter in height

Powerrex Korea:

Premium quality, feature rich, genuine Korean manufactured Powerrex lifts. Powerrex Korea does all it’s manufacturing in their Korean plant so they can completely control all aspects of production from the steel manufacturing, to the powder coating lines ensuring top quality lifts are consistently delivered to their dealers.

Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell

CE & AUS/NZ Safety regulation

Delivery & installation is not included in list pricing


  • Korean made top quality hoists
  • Ultra low arm design with 80mm 4 x 4 extensions- SL-2950H
  • Ultra low arm design with ratchet feet - SL-2950H-R
  • Full length hydraulic cylinders
  • Top quality motor & pump unit
  • Suitable for 4 x 4’s, vans , low cars, American cars, utes etc..
  • Asymmetric arm configuration  and extra wide design for easy door opening
  • Dual cylinder lifting system with  balance cables
  • Safety shutoff bar across top of hoist
  • Rubber door protection pads
  • Low service costs
  • Optional 1 meter extra height kit available to add 1 extra meter in height
Capacity 4500kg
Lifting Height

1920 -1975 Standard feet

1945-2100mm ratchet feet

Min Height

93mm Standard feet

105mm ratchet ratchet

Lifting Time (approx 3PH ) 30-40 sec
Warranty 2 years
Power supply 220V or 380V
Overall Height -High/Low 3850mm /3600mm



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