EM 43 -Family- Hand Spin - Tilt or Slide

EM 43 Tilt-Up

When on the road or when working with the tyre changer, the wheel carrier can be stowed in a vertical position with the pneumatically operated TILT-UP function. 

Special version for mobile wheel service applications, designed for the operator who prefers working inside the van.

EM 43 Slide

SLIDE function for minimised space usage.

The wheel balancer slides in and out on a linear guide to let you work comfortably outside the van. To use, simply pull the machine out from the side door of the van.

EM 43 Hand Spin

The compact size and light weight of the machine facilitates transport for use in mobile units.

The perfect wheel balancer for the operator with limited space. 

The same extraordinary precision as our full size models.

  • Compact, lightweight high precision wheel balancers -
  • Superior ergonomics and efficiency - With user-friendly display and manual wheel data entry and balancing programme selection.
  • With integrated CLIP system for assisted application of adhesive counterweights (ALUP)
  • Imbalance optimisation and hidden weigh functions -
  • Low rotational speed (<100rpm)
  • 11 balancing programmes for steel wheels, alloy wheels and for passenger car, van and motorcycle wheels -
  • Available as manual or motorised spin versions - Low power consumption, may also operate on 12V power.
  • Lever operated clamping brake for easy clamping and unclamping of wheels -



EM 43 Motor

EM 43 Slide

EM 43 Hand Spin EM 43 Tilt-up

Balancing speed

98 rpm

98 rpm

Maximum calculated imbalance value

999 g

999 g


1 g

1 g

Average spin time

9 s


Shaft diameter

40 mm

40 mm

Settable rim width values

1,5” ÷ 20”

1.5” to 20”

Settable wheel diameter values

1” ÷ 23”

1” to 23”

Max. wheel/machine distance

230 mm

230 mm

Maximum wheel diameter (without guard)

1110 mm

1110 mm

Maximum wheel weight

65 kg


Supply voltage

115/230 V 1ph

115/230 V 1ph

Overall power absorption

200 W

10 W

Machine weight

60 kg / 56 kg

58 kg / 61 kg