3. Corghi HD1400 Evolution Auto Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

Fully automatic universal tyre changer

Corghi is the inventor and worldwide leader in the field of tyre changers, and with the HD1400 Evo the company is now capable of
guaranteeing levels of performance, reliability, and safety that have never before been attained. The HD1400 is the ideal tool for
every industry specialist in search of equipment designed for intensive use.

The world’s first and only tyre changer with a hydraulic motor for operating the turntable’s gear motor.
Maximum torque at any of the three speeds.
There is even the possibility of adjusting the speed down to the ultra-slow setting, which is required for tyre grooving operations.

Another major new development with the HD1400 Evolution is the introduction of the brand new 2.4 GHz RADIO KIT accessory.

Corghi uses thelatest radio communication technologies to ensure increasingly high levels of quality and safety.
The radio kit it to be installed on the command console.

The HD1400 features the START & STOP function, which provides for considerable energy savings while the machine is not being utilized.

The HD1400 is an entirely automatic tyre changer that’s suitable for mounting tyres on al types of vehicles, including trucks, agricultural machinery, deforestation machinery, and earth moving machinery.

The tool holder arm is entirely automatic.

The lifting and rotation operations are performed hydraulically. Its movement is even synchronized and opposite to that of the spindle support trolley, in order
to ensure faster operating speeds.

  • 100% made in Italy
  • Cordless remote control 
  • Automatic tool head

Bead Breaking Force 30000n
Wheel Clamping 14-58"
Maximum wheel width 1470mm
Max Wheel Diameter 2500mm
Max Wheel Weight 1900kg
Drive Motor 400V 3PH



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