Corghi Exact 7 8CCD Aligner

EXACT 7 is a professional wheel aligner with 8 sensors for passenger cars and vans.

Wireless data transmission 

Commercially available AA rechargeable batteries with recharger on unit. 

Extremely low light sensitivity for working even in very bright light conditions.  

Run Out Compensation. Push-type, 2 & 3 point and single sensor or skip

Made in Italy

From $75 per week

  • 0.01° data display
  • 10” to 26” wheel clamps
  • User friendly software with easy access tutor help
  • Re Chargeable AA batteries
  • Total toe ± 20°Half toe ± 10°Camber ± 10°Caster ± 30°King-pin ± 30°Set back ± 10°
  • A first class world based databank
  • User databank modified vehicle data
  • Customer data bank, 
  • Quick alignment results
Turn Tables x2
Steering wheel holder x1
Brake pedal depressor x1
Colour printer x1
LCD Monitor x1
Clamps 10-26" Clamp x4



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