Corghi EM9780C Plus Touchscreen & Contactless

Note: Some photos show the Optional run out sonar

The new EM9780 Wheel Balancer from Corghi is a touchless semi-diagnostic balancer offering a hands-off approach for the operator.

All the wheel dimensions are obtained automatically by the balancer, so the operator only has to close the safety hood to start the balancing process

For tyre centres, car dealers and car manufacturers dealing with large volumes

No manual operations required the operator. Reduced spin and diagnostic times to make it one of the fastest on the market

“Combined” system, which includes an internal laser sensor and an external sonar sensor (Sonar AWD). The wheel balancer automatically measures the wheels without any intervention by the operator.

At the end of the spin cycle, the wheel is braked and brought automatically into the balancing position (RPA). The integrated LED illuminator illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counterweights

The internal point laser indicates the correct position for applying the adhesive counterweights with absolute precision

New “Hidden Weight” programme to divide the external side balancing adhesive weight into two equivalent weights hidden behind the spokes. A completely autonomous operation.


Special suite of programmes including LESS WEIGHT, which cuts job times (20%) and reduces the quantity of counterweights used (30%), for more cost-effective, environmentally friendly operation.

  • Auto Lock 
  • Laser pointer for application of stick on weight
  • Inside wheel LED light
  • Extra-large weight tray
  • Fast auto selection program balancing programs
  • Contactless auto sensors for width, offset & diameter measurment
  • Auto position at end of spin for weight application
  • Space saving wheel guard can go flat against wall
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Auto position & lock at end of spin
  • Automatic hidden weight program
  • Optional sonar run out 
  • Weight management program to save up to 30% of weight usage
Rim diameter 2-35"
Rim width 1.6"- 23.6"
Maximum wheel weight 75kg
Balancing speed 75--85-98 rpm
Accuracy 1gm +/-
Average Spin Time (14kg wheel) 7 Sec
Power supply 230v/1ph