Corghi EM9580C Plus LaserLine Touchscreen

  • Wheel balancer withtouch screen monitor, electronic clamping and automatic wheel size detector.
    Fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use
    The graphic interface and touchscreen technology simplify and speed up operations and work programme selection.
  • At the end of the spin the wheel is braked and automatically brought to the balancing position. The integrated LED light illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counterweights
  • New digital gauge for the acquisition of the diameter and distance with the FSP (Fast Selection Program) function and new integrated LaserBlade pointer: the FSP function automatically activates the balancing program avoiding selection via the keypad, while the LaserBlade pointer (inside the measuring arm) guides the operator in choosing the level within the alloy rim without any errors and with extremely good visibility
  • Weight saving management program - including LESS WEIGHT, which cuts job times (20%) and reduces the quantity of counterweights used (30%), for more cost-effective, environmentally friendly operation.
  • Minimises road noise by allowing the operator to alter the position of the tyre on the rim in order to optimise quietness.
  • Space saving wheel guard (patented) designet to allow the positioning along the wall, it alsoo permits to hold wheels up to 44” (1.118 mm) maximum diameter

  • Simple select Touchscreen interface
  • Full Auto data entry for offset, width & diameter
  • SmartArm Auto select & LaserBlade position guide
  • Automatic positioning and led illuminator
  • AWD whel width sonar measuring sensor & auto width Calculation
  • LASER guided application of adhesive counterweights
  • One touch Multifunction button
  • Imbalance optimization
  • Tyre Set intelligent wheel positioning 
  • BestFit Program
  • Variable speed cycle
  • PR Zero Space saving wheel guard - balancer can sit against wall 
  • Static , Dynamic and 7 ALU programs + ALU Programs - OPT & Hidden
  • Split hidden weight program 
  • Multii operator program - 3 operators
  • Weight saving management program
  • Adjustable Volume 
  • Optional oversized cone and spacer
  • Optional  Diagnosis system for wheel radial run-out
  • A special vehicle tyre set diagnostic tool for checking run-out and imbalance. Once all the wheels are memorised, the wheel balancer suggests their best placement on the vehicle placement of the wheels themselves on the vehicle for maximum comfort and safety. Complete diagnosis if equipped with optional sonar run-out.
Rim diameter 1-35"
Rim width 1.5"- 20"
Maximum wheel weight 75kg
Balancing speed 75-85-98 rpm
Accuracy 1gm +/-
Average Spin Time (14kg wheel) 5.5 Sec
Power supply 230v/1ph



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