4. Corghi Artiglio Master Jolly

 “Leva la leva” system with the “SMART Corghi System” device, the only existing solution that:

• NEVER TOUCHES THE RIM, during any working phase
• annuls all tension on the tyre during the tyre demounting/mounting phases.

This is the difference between Corghi and the others.
Automatic tyre changer with “Leva la leva” (Without lever) technology, the only without contact with the rim.

Display allowing electronic setting of the rim diameter with positioning of all working tools, reading of the pressure inside the tyre during the inflation cycle,

masterj approvals.JPG

Wheel Clamping 12" - 26"
Rotation Speed 7-18 rpm
Maximum tyre width 14"
Operating Pressure 120-145psi
Weight 440kg
Drive Motor 230 V DV MI mtotor