AM-7262A Automaster Single Post UTV & Mower Service Lift

Universal: designed to fit majority of wheel spans and sizes
of UTVs, Mowers, Tractors, Golf Cars. 
Hi-Lift: up to 1950mm/77" clearance to ground gives more working space and full access in service. 
Adjustable: 8 ramps up to maximum 1700mm/67" wheel spans & 2 platforms up to maximum 1700mm/67" wheel spans. 
3 Directions Drive on: The guardrails could be easy to remove
when drive on (advise that drive on from the side).

Engineered to fit virtually any type & size of utvs, lawnmowers, light tractors and golf cars. Hydraulic lifting system raises the whole vehicle faster, easier and higher enough which offer full access from the bottom and each side to perform check, maintenance and service without back fatigue. It is a safe, reliable, cost-saving and long service lift.

On Sale: $2,990.00 was $4,095.00

• 1000kg Capacity

• Single-point safety release 

European CE Safety Certified

1 Year warranty

Lifting capacity 1000kg
Lifting height 1900mm
Min. height 120mm
Lifting time approx 60s
Voltage 230
Weight 520kg
Warranty 1 Year



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