AM-462 Automaster Car & Truck Wheel Balancer

The Automaster AM-462 truck wheel balancer is one of the best value large truck & bus tyre computer wheel balancers available.

This truck tyre wheel balancer is well priced and offers the same accuracy and reliability as the rest of the Automaster wheel balancer products.

It is supplied standard with a pneumatically operated wheel lifter and an assortment of passenger, lt truck and truck balancing cones and spacers.

This is the perfect wheel balancer for those shops that want one balancer that can balance passenger steel or alloy wheels and  truck & bus wheels.

The AM-462 is also a great choice for the many extra-large aftermarket 4x4 off road wheels " that can often be difficult to balance on some passenger wheel balancers.

Also a perfect computer spin balancer for those trucking companies that operate everything from passenger cars to trucks and trailers.

The 40 mm heavy duty shaft accommodates the standard mounting cones for most cars and pickup trucks and there are several large truck adapters included with the package that will allow the operator to mount and balance most Budd style wheels.

A very simple, yet sophisticated wheel balancer.

Automaster wheel balancers are built using only the highest quality component parts. 

Should the need arise sometime in the future parts are also low cost and very easy to replace.  
The Automaster AM-462 is capable of self-diagnosing problems and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments or repairs in their own shop.

Almost any problem can be sorted with the manual and phone support from our experienced technicians.  

The simplicity in both ease of use and ease of repair, makes this balancer the perfect choice for your mechanical workshop or tyre shop.
Automaster Equipment stock a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell.

From $30 per week

  • Semi automatic design.
  • Capable of balancing wheels of bus, truck and car.
  • Cone sets for car and light truck 
  • Cone and spacer set for truck, bus, or implement 
  • Quick release nut
  • Heavy duty steel wing nut
  • Self-calibration and diagnosis.
  • Automatic braking after spin
  • Pneumatic wheel lift
  • Ounces/gram selectable.
  • MM/INCH selectable.
  • Normal, Static, ,AL1 AL2,AL3, balancing methods
Rim diameter 10" - 32"
Rim width 1.5" - 20"
Maximum tyre diameter 1200mm
Balancing speed 90 rpm Truce/150 rpm car
Accuracy 1g for car tyre and , 10g for truck
Max wheel weight 200kg
Cycling time 7sec Car / 15sec truck
Net weight 280kg
Working noise <70dB
Air source 8-10 bar
Power supply 220/230V
Motor power 250w





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