3. A2022TI Corghi Tyre Changer

Corghi - The worlds most trusted and proven name in tyre changing equipment

The A2022TI is a fully automatic tyre changer with pneumatically operated tilting column, tubeless bead blaster and 22” turntable.

  • Variable torque mini inverter single phase motor give complete control with the most difficult tyres
  • Adjustable bead breaking pad unit features a dual-position telescopic support (CORGHI patent) for breaking the beads of all types of wheel up to a maximum width of 14”
  • Automatic movement of vertical shaft by air spring & simultaneous pneumatic locking of horizontal and vertical shafts and automatic head positioning in the ideal working position
  • The length of bead breaker arm can be extended. This is very useful and ideal when working with large wheels and all-terrain wheels. Additionally, the bead breaker blade is always well positioned in relation to the wheel, avoiding possible damage to the tyre and/or rim. This function is faster and safer.
  • The two-position telescopic bead breaker pad (CORGHI patent) is extremely useful for beading all types of wheels up to a maximum width of 14″.
  • Taller fully cast clamps for better rim clamping from both inside and outside, and included as standard are clamp covers for both the front and back of the clamps.
  • Optional helper arms 
  • SP300 Made By Corghi in China
  • SP2300 Made By Corghi In Italy (shown in photos)

From $60 per week

  • Tubeless air blast inflation system with air accumulation tank. Pedal controlled.
  • Pedal controlled inflation gauge with deflation button
  • Pneumatic tilting post
  • Pneumatic locking mechanism automatically gives vertical and horizontal clearance from the rim to avoid scratches on the face of the wheel
  • 2 Speed Turntable 1Ph DV 
  • Powerful bead breaker 15500nm
  • Includes plastic jaw protectors and mounting head inserts
  • Includes lube, lube brush, container & HD tyre lever
  • Can be fitted with low profile help arms
  • Optional ATV or M/C adapters
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 100% made in Italy
Outside Wheel Clamping 11" - 22"
Inside wheel Clamping 13" - 25"
Maximum tyre width 14" 360mm
Operating Pressure 120-145psi
Weight 259kg
Bead Breaking Force 15500nm
Drive Motor 230v/1PH DV 2 speed



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