P-409HP Peak Parking Lift - 4000kg


Perfect for larger vehicles.  

4-post Parking Lift for Car, Van and Light truck. Similar to model 408-P, but longer, wider, higher and heavier.

The P-409-HP requires no special foundation or complicated installation. About the size of a typical parking space, this lift doubles nicely as a residential / commercial car stacker parking lift.

Featuring PEAK’s exclusive hidden safety locks, adjustable locking ladders for perfect levelling and manual single-point lock release device.

With the flexibility to install the control power side column (Motor and lock control) in any corner of the lift .

Ramps are easily removed and fit in-between runways for storage

Double-"S" shape columns to increase the columns strength and contain a full commercial grade double safety locking system.

Four steel safety stops supplied as standard configuration for more safety to prevent accidental vehicle roll off.

Also supplied as standard -  Plastic oil drip trays(4 pcs), Jack tray (1 pc), oil and floor mounting bolts.

This parking lift is designed portable, it can be moved easily by using the optional caster kits.

We have optional jacking beams available and this lift is fully CE Safety Certified.

Automaster Equipment stocks a complete inventory of parts for the equipment we sell

Delivery & installation is not included in list pricing

  • Single point locking release
  • Adjustable locking ladders for perfect levelling
  • PEAK’s exclusive hidden safety locks
  • Install the control power side column on any corner
  • Ramps easily removed for storage
  • Jack tray included
  • 4 x Drip trays come as standard
  • oil and floor bolts included 
  • Double S shape columns
  • Optional Caster kit 
  • Optional jacking beam 
 Model 409-HP  4-Post Parking Lift
 Lifting Capacity  4000kg (9,000 lbs)
 Lifting Time  122 Seconds/54 Seconds
 Overall Length (Inc Ramps)  5857mm (230 5/8")
 Overall Length (No Ramps)  5000mm (196 7/8")
 Overall Width  3206mm (126 1/4")
 Width Between Columns  2860mm (112 5/8")
 Lifting Height  2172mm (85 1/2")
 Overall Height  2405mm (94 5/8")
 Width Between Platforms  1077mm(42 3/8")
 Platforms outer width  2093mm(82 3/8")
 Gross Weight  992Kg (2,186 lbs)
 Motor  220V/3.0HP
 Packing Dimension  5710 X 560 X 700 mm


Peak Warranty conditions from 01-06-2022

  • Steel structure components including Columns, Carriage, Lifting Arms, Top Beam, Floor Cover, Platform, Cross Beam, Car Drive-in Ramp, Scissor, Base frame etc warranty for FIVE YEARS.
  • Hydraulic parts including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, fitting etc warranty for TWO YEARS.
  • Other parts electrical components, power unit (not including normal wear & tear/consumable parts such as rubber pad), warranty for TWO YEARS.
  • 4 Post parking lifts warranty as above when installed as a home workshop or parking lift. Not in commercial workshop use environment.   


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